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Noise synesthesia

synesthesia,sound/motion/colors by Mjdecordoba


Synesthesia ArtForum

Synesthesia ArtForum

The synesthesia ArtForum is  a project around artists and synesthesia; to share, enquire and experience synesthesia, art and creativity and to get a mixed sense of the art work created through synesthesia, by synesthetes and from a synesthetic point of view.


The Shape of Sounds

The Shape of sounds is a series of sound and visual art developed by synesthetic artist Timothy B Layden

The work explores how the invisible world of sound  can manifest itself visually through an overlapping of the senses.


Artecitta is otrganizing it’s fourth congress on Synesthesia, Science and Art to take place in Almeria Spain in February 2012. For more infomration visit

Colaborative activity around synesthesia

The Artecitta Foundation is an international organisation dedicated to scientific research and art practice related to synesthesia. Since its establishment in 2003 ArteCitta has held 3 international conferences (with a fourth to take place in February 2012- for more information visit as well as 3 international weeks of didactic talks and creative workshops. In addition it has put out many publications dedicated to synesthesia. In its most recent course in La Taha, Sierra Nevada Spain, there was an outstanding attendance of creative and enthusiastic speakers, workshop practitioners and participants. The week involved a series of discussions on synesthesia in art, science and technology linked to practical workshops. In addition to this the group engaged with the local community and environment through visits to the surrounding area and events which allowed the local community to be equally involved in Artecittas endevours and Artecitta in the environment it found itself.

As a result of this week a network of multi-disciplinary individuals all working within and around the subject of synesthesia has been formed. We feel that the multi-faceted experiences of perception and expression involved in synesthesia should be supported by a continued colaboration and sharing of ideas that should be broadcast so that the wider public can too engage with and contribute to this fascinating discourse.